Our Recipients

William and his Family, May 2018

William's story coming soon!

Bethany and Max, May 2018

Bethany has Ehlers-Danlos Syndromes which causes over flexibility in the joints and has caused a lot of pain and instability that most couldn't fathom. But this strong young lady is doing everything to avoid being in a wheel chair, and her dog Max will help her with that, offering stability and even catching her if she starts to fall.  Max will also aid with day to day mobility.  Kindness for Colton funds were awarded to this family in order for Max to complete his service dog training.

Bethany and her Mother are definitely an inspiration in determination and we can't wait to see what awesome things they will accomplish along with Max! So grateful they let us be part of their journey! 

Sawyer and her family, December 2017

Sawyer is a 4 year old girl who had a rough start to life.  Born without a heartbeat or respirations due to delivery complications, she has proven to be a fighter since day one. 

She is affected with Cerebral Palsy, which causes reduced mobility and communication.  Sawyer also suffers from significant seizures. Even through challenges, her and her family greet every day with an incredible amount of joy and hope.  They know that blessings come, each and every day!!
Kindness for Colton funds were awarded to Sawyer’s family by the Board of Directors for the purchase and training of a Service Dog.  This furry friend, Alex, will detect seizures before they happen and alert her family.  Sawyer's family will be able to rest at night knowing that they will be alerted if anything should happen.

Caleb and his family, June 2017

Caleb suffered a sudden cardiac arrest in September 2016 due to undiagnosed Addison's Disease.  Caleb has faught through 8 months of hospital stays at Children's Hospital- St. Louis and Rankin Jordan, and was finally able to come home!!  His family needed a vehicle to help transport him safely- a vehicle that was large enough, had a proper and safe ramp, and locking mechanisms for his wheelchair.  Kindness for Colton was able to help with funds so that Caleb and his family were able to purchase a minivan that could transport him!!!  We were so blessed to meet Caleb, who is a happy and determined young man!  He loves the Cardinals AND the Cubs.  We will continually think and pray for Caleb throughout his recovery process.

Emory and her family, October 2016

Emory's story coming soon!!!  Kindness for Colton was able to help Emory's family reach their goal to gain a support dog.
Jonathan and his family, May 2016
Jonathan was born on March 17th with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome and fluid on his brain.  He needed several surgeries throughout the beginning of his life.

We were fortunate to get to meet Jonathan and his amazing family.  Jonathan showed his fighting spirit every day, and he gained this attribute from his parents.  Steven and Heather are strong, amazing people who are full of hope and energy for all their children.  They faught Jonathan's journey of life with tears, smiles, and endless love.

Kindness for Colton funds were award to this family by the Board of Directors.  These funds helped Jonathan's family with their medical bills as well as Jonathan's funeral expenses.
"No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted"